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I had the sheer pleasure of eating some of these. OMG! They were like a blast of candy & heat with the best flavor going! Certainly worth ordering which I’m going to do right now — Lisa Gottschalk

I picked these up at My Fresh Basket yesterday and they’re so delicious! I can’t get enough of these candied jalapeños! — Chris Lynn Kunzman

I can’t get enough of their candied jalapeños!! Actually looking for some recipes I can use them in! Any suggestions? — Sierra Daisley

Spokane leaves a lot to be desired in the foodie scene but these peppers are the bomb! Grab a couple of cartons of jalapeño cream cheese, a block of plain cream cheese, 3/4 cup of B&G Sweet Heat Peppers and just enough marinade to combine it all and you’ve got a killer dip for a party. Eaten with corn scoops and you’ve got the perfect combination of sweet, spicy, and salty…all in one bite — Netha Mogel

I love these peppers make great jalapeno artichoke dip or good in stuffed hamburgers or just cream cheese and crackers! — Amanda Nicole Martin

The peppers are outstanding! Just the right amount of sweet combined with spice. You can top any food item with these peppers and it’ll give it a perfect finish.— Danae Fields Newson

I went to the Cherry Festival here in Polson MT. and purchased😋 a jar of the peppers, they are amazing. Can’t wait to buy some more!!— Reginia Buchanan

most excellent!!! just bought a jar of sweet candied jalapenos at Spokane garden expo yesterday,had some with our steak dinner and then,for garnish on scrambled eggs this morning!!!! We better slow down or we will have to come find your store!!!! Thank you. — Peter Phillips

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